TRACK REVIEW: ‘Younger Now’ – Miley Cyrus


After years spent annihilating the image of her past self, Miley Cyrus’ latest era is attempting to do it all over again. Her odd return to some of the wholesomeness that made her a household name in the first place continues with her latest release. Following the gorgeous “Malibu” and uninspired “Inspired, comes the title track from her forthcoming sixth album ‘Younger Now’.

The track reflects upon her tumultuous career as she explains away her eccentric Bangerz-era behaviour with hollow lyrics about change and time. The track isn’t necessarily bad, in fact it’s quite catchy and her vocals are soaring.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 12.27.54 AM

However, it sounds regressive rather than progressive. It sounds like the same formula of pop-country that sound tracked her Hannah Montana days that’s just been adapted to the maturity level of a 24-year-old. It sounds disingenuous, as if the bold, risk-taking Cyrus has been stuffed in a box. The return to country-tinged pop is not the problem, instead it is the lack of believability with which it has been done that lets the music being produced down.

Overall, it is a strong song with a wonderful vocal performance and solid hook. Nevertheless, from this particular performer, known for her creativity and boldness, it sounds like a cop out.


Check out the music video for ‘Younger Now’ below:

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