TRACK REVIEW: ‘Bloom’ – Troye Sivan

troye-sivan-bloom2018 has been a fabulous year for LGBT representation in mainstream entertainment. On the forefront of that movement is Troye Sivan. Having come out publicly in 2013, Sivan hasn’t held back in expressing his sexuality in his music thus far. That being said, his latest release ‘Bloom’ is, by far and away, his most overt exploration of his sexuality to date – and it’s fabulous.

Production-wise, ‘Bloom’ is a synth-based pop track with a ridiculously catchy hook that marvellously evokes a feeling of bright summer days. However, it’s is the lyrics of ‘Bloom’ that truly steal the show. Co-written by Sivan with Peter Svensson, Oscar Holtor, and longtime collaborator Leland, ‘Bloom’ is made up of perfectly crafted sexual innuendo that immaculately and shamelessly captures gay sex. Sivan doesn’t shy away, telling his lover “Take a trip into my garden, I’ve got so much to show ya” before pronouncing that “I bloom just for you”. The overt sexuality of the song is elevated from just any old song about sex due to the clever writing from its creators.

Overall, ‘Bloom’ is fantastically sexual and fabulously crafted, succeeding on all levels and elevating itself above the crowd through its witty and intelligent lyrics.


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