EP REVIEW: ‘Survive the Summer’ – Iggy Azalea

Years since her breakthrough hit ‘Fancy’ made her a household name, Iggy Azalea has fallen far from the heights she once occupied. However with the release of her latest EP, Survive The Summer, it becomes clear that being out of the spotlight suits her. The EP, while not a slam dunk, shows signs that Azalea’s greatest strength is herself.

The highlight of the six-track EP is Azalea’s delivery across all the tracks, especially on ‘Tokyo Snow Trip’, which boasts the EP’s best production and hook, and ‘OMG’, which features Wiz Khalifa, who both adds and takes nothing from what is easily the closest thing to a hit on the EP.

Azalea also shines on the rest of the EP, even when the production becomes so cohesive that it is nearly impossible to distinguish one track’s instrumental to the next. Azeala’s lyricism features some gems (“summer is over it’s a cold front tryna stop me is a witch hunt” being a particular highlight), but is overall lacking in some inventiveness, instead focusing on the usual tropes of the genre.

Overall, Survive the Summer, instead of pushing the boat out to more ambitious waters, nearly drowns in the shallow unoriginality of trying to fit into the current music climate, relying heavily on the pure charisma and delivery of its star to keep it afloat.

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