TRACK REVIEW: ‘Joan of Arc’ – Little Mix

After the release of the first track from LM5, ‘Woman Like Me’, the self-proclaimed pure feminist message of Little Mix’s upcoming album seemed questionable. But with the release of ‘Joan of Arc’, they get back on track in the most perfect way.

The latest track is a fabulous feisty feminist anthem. The track blends urban-trap and R&B and is perfectly structured to showcase the best of the girls vocals. Jesy and Leigh-Anne speak-sing over the slinky verses and chorus while Perrie bring power to the pre-chorus. Lyrically, the track leaves no question on the feminist angle of LM5 as the quartet proudly proclaim “Hell Yeah I Am” when asked if they’re on that “feminist tip”. Production wise ‘Joan of Arc’ is a blend of the group’s 2016 release ‘Down & Dirty’ and Ariana Grande’s Nicki Minaj collab ‘The Light is Coming’ from 2017’s ‘Sweetener’. In fact the latest LM5 cut has a lot of similarities from the Grande-Minaj track. Both are ridiculously repetitive and it works for both. The repetition on ‘Joan of Arc’ is just as annoyingly catchy as ‘The Light is Coming’ and it works even better as the girls ooze confidence and sass.

All in all, Little Mix’s ‘Joan of Arc’ has their feminist message for LM5 well and truly back on track while sacrificing none of the musical quality that ‘Woman Like Me’ established.

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