TRACK REVIEW: ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ – Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ career has been one of the greatest rollercoasters the world has ever seen. The world has loved her and the world has hated her. She’s had her ups and her downs and often times they come simultaneously, with her hardest personal times bringing her undeniable success in her professional life and vice versa. On her latest effort, ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’, a collaboration for Producer Mark Ronson’s upcoming record, she appears ridiculously self-aware of that fact.

Her first release since the absolute flop that was 2017’s Younger Now, ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ is Cyrus deciding to exist somewhere between the reformed perfect country bumpkin that she tried to be for Younger Now and the uber-controversial pop diva that possessed her for her Bangerz era, and simply being herself. The track is a mature country ballad/pop banger. Lyrically, ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ drips with melancholy, discussing the impact of the modern world (more specifically, modern America) on one’s life and how no matter how bad the world around you is, ultimately it is heartbreak that will cause you the most pain. Cyrus and Ronson’s writing is mature and gorgeous, boosted even more by the stunning delivery provided by Cyrus’ love-bruised yet confident vocal. The track is masterfully produced by Ronson, who is actually the lead artist on the track, with the raw twang of the country instrumentals mixing perfectly into the throbbing ache of the synth-pop beat, a blend that never feels forced or messy.

In fact, ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ is exactly the opposite. It’s the perfect blend of both pop and country, of both Bangerz Miley and Younger Now Miley, and as a result, the messy, forced track you might expect is nowhere to be found. Instead, Ronson and Cyrus’ collaboration is some of each artist’s best, and arguably, most real work to date.

Check out the official video for Mark Ronson’s ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ feat. Miley Cyrus below:

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