TRACK REVIEW: ‘Sucker’ – Jonas Brothers

After six years, its is perhaps surprising that the news that the Jonas Brothers reuniting would be such top trending news. Nick has been making music solo for a number of years and acting in a number of high profile, Joe has had some success with his bad DNCE and let’s be honest, one would be hard pushed to find someone who cares for Kevin more than the two other brothers. However, despite there never being a real lack of Jonas Brother related content (albeit separate), the news that the three brothers would reunite sent social media into a meltdown, and the news that a single was coming did even more damage. So, how is the first piece of music from the trio?

‘Sucker’ is a by the numbers pop-rock track that just could have easily been from the Jonas Brothers’ own discography or a recent hit for bands like Maroon 5, WALK THE MOON or even DNCE. The lyrics aren’t overly inspired, nor is the production but that doesn’t necessarily make ‘Sucker’ bad. The hook, although generic, is still catchy and the vocals from Nick and Joe are very nice (I fail to see what Kevin brings to the table).

Ultimately, ‘Sucker’ is a pretty nice song that could have been made by any number of people and that is pretty enjoyable once one gets over it’s almost painful mediocrity.

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