Following the release of her third studio album, Froot, Marina Diamandis dropped the ‘& the Diamonds’ from her stage name, and went on an indefinite hiatus. Her fans remained supportive and now upping her return, they are ready to embrace her upcoming double album Love + Fear with all they have. This may not seem like much but when the first track off said album is ‘Handmade Heaven’, you begin to realise how big a feat that is. Thankfully, with ‘Superstar’, Marina turns it around.

The track, which features alongside the albums other two pre-releases ‘Handmade Heaven’ and Clean Bandit collaboration ‘Baby’ on the Love side of the album, is easily the best of the three so far. A dark throbbing electro pop number that harkens back to the darker second half of her 2012 LP Electra Heart like tracks such as ‘Teen Idle’, ‘Fear & Loathing’ and ‘Radioactive’. ‘Superstar’ is quite an interesting one, with the song’s tone and production almost construct with the lyrical content. Despite its pulsing, gloomy piano-edm instrumental, the song is a dead straight love song, positivity and all. The contrast makes for a refreshing take on the classic love ballad that this song easily could have been. Diamandis is on fire as per usual, again reminding us of her Electra Heart era with her vocals that move up and down with ease, showcasing the uniqueness of her voice perfectly.

Overall, ‘Superstar’ is a fabulous track that should have lead the album’s rollout but is a welcome second single anyways, and promises that the album will at least be interesting, if nothing else.

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