ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Sucker Punch’ – Sigrid

Pure pop is a dying genre. Pop’s biggest names are quickly dropping the synths that once dominated charts the world over for the trap that is giving every sound loud rapper and their mother a number one. As a result, room for those pure pop artists is slowly becoming smaller and smaller. However, every so often, someone breaks through. Over two years ago, Sigrid wanted to be that someone. Two years on, Sigrid is that someone and her debut effort Sucker Punch is a marvellous introduction to pop’s next big thing.

After a string of hits, a number of which are included on Sucker Punch‘s tracklisting, Sigrid merely had to pull together a few filler tracks and put it out to get a hit debut album. Instead, the Norwegian 22 year-old took her time, and you can hear it across forty so minutes in which she allows us to dance along to her inner thoughts. The LP is fabulous showcase of what makes Sigrid someone to watch as she follows in the steps in some of pop’s finest. Credited on every track on Sucker Punch, Sigrid displays that sheer confessional determination to tell her own stories that made her predecessors like Taylor Swift, Adele and Lorde the global stars they are. Speaking of the latter, Sigrid’s vocals are laced with that same quirky unique tone that has always be a draw to Lorde. The combination results in 12 tracks filled with catchy hooks, pulsing synths and intimate lyricism that makes the singer even more endearing.

Along with the already released hits like ‘Strangers’ and ‘Sucker Punch’, songs like ‘Mine Right Now’, ‘Sight of You’ and ‘Basic’ seem like sure fire hits. That being said, there is something for everyone. ‘Level Up’ and ‘Business Dinners’ offer a more alternative pop that those hooky pop bangers while, ‘In Vain’ and album highlight ‘Dynamite’ provide the album with time to catch its breath as Sigrid strips everything back to just her voice.

‘Dynamite’ is a gorgeous piano ballad that closes the album, exploring herself and her relationship in a breathtakingly moment of pure vulnerability. In fact, the track is a so beautiful that even despite all the big bangers and tongue in cheek lyrics that come before it, this simple piano moment is the greatest sucker punch of them all. The album is meticulous in its detail and you never feel as if it’s the product of anything other than a 22 year old singer-songwriter, but it is this final instant that lets you know that it truly is Sigrid herself that is pulling all the strings in her career and what a career it will be.

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