TRACK REVIEW: ‘Never Really Over’ – Katy Perry

Several years ago, Katy Perry dominated pop music with an vice grip. With Teenage Dream and Prism, Perry’s rule was undisputed. However, with 2017’s Witness, Perry’s music had an existential crisis leaning away from the sugary pop that made her the star she was and instead attempted to capture trends of political messages, rap features and take down tracks. None of that worked, and the album cycle was a complete misfire.

Two years later, Perry returns to her home and thankfully it’s not only miles better than recent releases, but is arguably stronger than a lot of her back catalogue. The lyricism is noticeably better than a lot of Perry’s music with one of her most ear-wormy hooks and mature exploration of an on and off again relationship. Zedd’s production is anything but sparse, throwing every bit of pop production he has in from throbbing synth to a thudding drumline.

Overall, the track is a great return to form for one of pop’s finest and may not only put her back on the top, but put the genre back where it once was.

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