TRACK REVIEW: ‘Cross You Out’ – Charli XCX feat. Sky Ferreira

When one thinks of Charli XCX, one thinks of rave- appropriate electro-pop that is carefree to the point of unease. Her hits to date have relied heavily on that attitude. However, as she gears up to release her upcoming self titled album, XCX seems to leaning heavily into the emotion. 

Following the radio friendly but unexciting ‘Blame It On Your Love’ and the emotionally charged ‘Gone’, XCX goes full slow jam on ‘Cross You Out’. With guest vocals from Sky Ferreira, ‘Cross You Out’ is an epic banger that sounds like like a stadium filler from the early 2000s, if it was on put on steroids and made on a PC. With its heavy thudding bass and electro twinges, production on the track is similar to that of Taylor Swift’s 2017 album reputation, particularly ‘…Ready For It?’. Despite its heavy beat, XCX and Ferreira are rather melancholy as they trade verses about getting over heartbreak. XCX is particularly impressive as she explores her register a bit more than in previous releases. The tracks lyrics are suitably relatable and lens into the nostalgia that laces ever inch of the anthem.

‘Cross You Out’ isn’t just the best release of this album cycle for XCX, but holds its own against some of pop’s wild child’s most creative and best tracks. Overall, XCX manages to course correct with this release, raising the heat to an eleven as Charli grows ever closer.

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