TRACK REVIEW: ‘Motivation’ – Normani

Girl groups are an odd entity. There is always one standout, who eventually has the breakout solo career and leaves the others in the dust. Oddly enough with Fifth Harmony, despite comparisons to Beyoncé, Normani Hamilton was bested by band mate Camila Cabello. Cabello’s unprecedented success truly left her fellow members in her shadow. But with the release of her first solo single, Hamilton, who like Beyoncé has opted to be known simply as Normani, is taking a step into the spotlight.

As nostalgia’s grip on all aspects of entertainment tightens, ‘Motivation’ hits ever note perfectly. Following some melancholy duets, Normani finally adds a bit of joy to her discography. She teases and taunts, with every note and run dripping in sensuality, perfectly capturing the brilliance of early millennium Beyoncé and mixing it with some modern top 40 courtesy of co-writer Ariana Grande, whose fingerprints are all over the track. With ‘Motivation’, Normani not only steps into the spotlight, she’s taking the god damn mic.

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