TRACK REVIEW: ‘Lose You To Love Me’ – Selena Gomez

It is quite an odd occurrence to see one of pop’s biggest stars wait five years between projects, but since 2015’s Revival, Selena Gomez has merely teased new eras. With droplets and collaborations providing little sustenance for Gomez’s legion of fans, their prayers were finally answered with the release of ‘Lose You to Love Me’ as the lead single of her forthcoming album, and the single suggests maybe its a relief for more than just her fans.

‘Lose You To Love Me’ leaves behind the sultry notes of Revival, the experimental nature of ‘Bad Liar’ and ‘Fetish’, and the overt commerciality of ‘Wolves’, ‘It Ain’t Me’ and ‘Taki Taki’, instead firmly finding itself in simplicity. A piano ballad, the track is not typical of today’s R&B-infused pop scene, but that is perhaps a good thing. It provides something fresh, something easy, and something gorgeous. Lyrically, Gomez teams up with frequent collaborators Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, stunningly discussing the realisation that comes with moving on from a toxic love. The track is wonderfully cathartic, with Gomez pouring feeling and vulnerability into each word.

Matman and Robin, with additional help from Finneas, handle the production, keeping the track to a simple piano-light synth combination that never overwhelms the song, instead perfectly complimenting the softness of the verse, before building to a gorgeously anthemic chorus.

On paper, the track is nothing new. It’s an emotional piano ballad by a pop star. The power of the track is in its details. The expression of feeling in Gomez’s vocals, the specific references hidden in the lyrics full of relatability. It is in those moments, where this song truly becomes the triumph it is, and proves that Gomez, regardless of what sound she’s using, will always keep it interesting.

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