The world is getting smaller. Maybe not in actual size, but thanks to the internet and travel, different cultures have quickly become mainstream phenomenon. With the rise of K-pop and reggaeton, singing in English is no longer a requirement to have a hit or be a huge star. For many, this means that they may be in the running to be the next big thing. One of those people is Matias, an emerging Colombian-American artist. Despite being an emerging artist, Matias has amassed a sizable social media, dropped four EPs, and landed a supporting slot for multi-platinum artist Aaron Carter.

Matias’ sound is rooted in Latin-pop, bridging the gap between mainstream pop and reggaeton. His new single, ‘No Me Dejes Solo’, is a gorgeous ode to unrequited love. The track, set to drop this Friday June 5, “came into fruition one night when I was up working very late on some beats”. “I was listening to some different variations of African and Latin music. I found this really cool sample of an African rhythmic instrument that I soon fell in love with and that set the stage for the whole song”, Matias says, “In the past, I’ve naturally gravitated towards this infusion of a Latin / African sound. After linking up with my writer friend Felipe Santos, we came up with these really extraordinary lyrics and the rest was history”.

The track is deeply emotional, with lyrics like “I died when I saw you / do not leave me alone”, laced over a unexpectedly sultry reggaeton beat. “I think that each song takes on its own life. When recording the song, I wanted to create this type of tone that reflected the internal dialogue within my creative”, Matias says, “The intimacy of the lyrics, as well as the unique rhythm is what gives the song its sultry ring”.

Matias got into music at a young age, diving into a career in the industry because of a “love for performing and of creating and writing music”. “At a young age, I was always entertained and emotionally moved by music and it really has resonated with me throughout my life thus far. The energy felt from performing live in front of fans and connecting with them is second to none”.

Unsurprisingly, Matias’ biggest inspiration is one of the world’s greatest performers, Michael Jackson: “I truly admired the creative direction he took throughout his fruitful, yet challenging career and it is one that I would hope to achieve. His ability to create music that gathered individuals from all walks of life was incredible and I look forward to making a positive impact in people’s lives”.

Despite his success, it hasn’t always been plain sailing for Matias: “I have had plenty of setbacks in my career and I’m sure I will encounter more however I believe just like any career; you will always have setbacks and failures”.

However, he takes the highs and lows as they come: “The key to success is to learn from your mistakes and push forward. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced such encounters early on in my career. Building myself up as an artist with a team takes time and in doing so we maintain patience and keep pushing forward”.

Matias’ new single ‘No Me Dejes Solo’ is available to stream now.

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