Rising star MAUMAUMAU addresses political conversation on new track ‘B!L!NGVAL’

LA-based, Mexican singer-songwriter and producer, MAUMAUMAU returns with a buzzing new single,’B!L!NGVAL,’ an experimental alt-rock track that examines the complexities of finding common ground with people of opposing political views.

Built around menacing guitars, thumping kick drums, and MAU’s soaring vocals, ‘B!L!NGVAL’ captures the emerging artist’s knack for powerful production and unique, relatable storytelling:”It seems our language ain’t the same / I’m speaking fans you’re speaking flames”

MAUMAUMAU is a solo endeavor by Mauricio Jimenez. At its core, the project strives to provide a soundtrack for the underdogs, and a voice for the underrepresented. Imbued with a spectrum of influences ranging from 90s pop-rock to Mob Rich, Gorillaz, Oliver Tree, Tame Impala, and others, MAUMAUMAU’s distinct sound will stick with you and have you coming back for more.

“I’m curious and passionate about understanding people, differences in opinion, and navigating conflict with someone to reach some mutual understanding,” Jimenez says of his new track, “B!L!NGVAL is a song I wrote in frustration about the complexities of talking to a Trump supporter and trying to find a common area to communicate through. It’s a song that outlines a difference in language, and English is not the problem. It’s about the information we are fed and how to decompose such different agendas. It’s a song with intention and with drive and I hope it cuts through to you like it did to me when I was writing it.”

In addition to his solo work, Jimenez is also the lead vocalist of Night Lights, the LA indie trio that has accumulated millions of streams since emerging in 2016, shared the stage with the likes of Lemaitre, Joy Wave, Great Good Fine OK, and Mako

Abstract and clever, the song arrives as the perfect follow-up to MAU’s 2020 debut release, ‘Heartbreak Police,’ a commentary on police brutality, and ‘Mouth Breather,’ a 90s-inspired song about the anxieties and identities experienced through social distancing.

With more music on the way in early 2021, MAUMAUMAU is an artist to watch.

MAUMAUMAU ‘B!L”NGVAL’ is available now

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