Harry Styles’ keys player Charlotte Clark drops sophomore EP Warm Weather

Charlotte Clark has released her sophomore EP Warm Weather. The five track project features the soft, introspective tones of previous singles ‘Disarray’and ‘Warm Weather’, as well as her new cut ‘Odyssey’.

Filled with pounding pop rhythms and shimmering synth patterns, the track is a celebration of life’s setbacks – finding beauty and joy in these moments of uncertainty. “‘Odyssey’ is about letting go of the pressure we put on ourselves to be one particular person. It’s a look at identity and an exploration of how we can be so multifaceted”, Charlotte explains. “We’re beautiful and ugly at the same time, the saint and the sinner, the mad and the tamed. It’s a study on the common ground that lies beneath all of our common complexities.”

“Releasing this EP feels like putting down the heaviest backpack after the longest hike. As cliche as it sounds, I’ve been carrying these songs for so long and so much has changed since they were made, but it was this EP that brought me to that change,” she offers on the project’s creation. “This body of work represents a really significant transition in my life, out of fear and into trusting myself for the first time. It’s about listening to my intuition, acting on it and not dimming myself, or polishing my edges for anyone or anything. People will always tell you what they think is right for you, but only you truly know the life you want. This is why I had to call it ‘Warm Weather’. There’s a lot of pain, doubt and darkness in here, but for me, the undertones of this EP are warmth and light and it feels like a new sunny, hopeful morning after the rain.”

Charlotte is currently a part of Harry Styles’ band and has been on stage for some iconic television moments such as Saturday Night Live and Jools Holland. She will also be joining him for his 2021 Love on Tour world tour, living and working from a remote converted chapel between London and Bergen when she finds a moment to herself off stage.

Charlotte Clark’s Warm Weather is out now.

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