LISTEN: Vyolet drops sickly sweet new single ‘Honey’

New York based pop upcomer Vyolet has dropped her sickly sweet new track ‘Honey.’ The track is pulled from Vyolet’s forthcoming EP Hue, which is due this Spring.

‘Honey’ is ethereal and enticing, bold and expressive – dripping with sweet vocals, glitches and a glistening production which draws you into her world and leaves you wanting more. The track draws inspiration from major stars like MARINA and Lana Del Rey, rooting itself in anti-pop with hints of R&B and hip-hop.

‘Honey’ was born from Vyolet’s desire to “turn the dark, twisted shit in my brain into an empire”: “Honey is this luscious, rich state of yellow and gold. For the lyrics, I thought of not only the regal feeling it gives me, but also times when I haven’t felt treated as such. The lyrics try to entice someone who hasn’t seen my full potential yet, selling them on a vision of what we could have together. This is sort of a rewritten history of how I wish I’d responded to someone not seeing my worth–just a casual brag about how much I can bring to someone’s life and how wonderful the world could be if we were together.”

’Honey’ is available on all streaming platforms now.

Featured Image: Mekael Dawson

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