Often in music, we see the same people working together over and over again; Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, Jay Z and Kanye West, Jack Antonoff and every talented woman ever. These people continue to work together because every time they do, its magic. Amazingly, two of pop’s most interesting emerging artists are starting to become one of those dream teams.

Following last years fan-favourite ‘Tomorrow,’ OSTON and Jordy have dropped their new track ‘How to Feel Human.’ The vibrant new track intersects at that perfect point between pop and balladry, building over some vibrant synths and exploding into a huge chorus. Lyrically, the song deals with coming of age, and finding your place in the world as you transition into your early 20s.

Speaking about the track, JORDY says; “This past summer I was lucky enough to safely visit my family in Chicago, and while there I was able to drive to the city to see Austin and Drew at their studio. After an evening of drinking a little bit too much and reminiscing on our childhood, the song kind of spilled out of us organically. It’s a reflection of growing up, changing, and learning how to make this world feel like a home in moments of crisis and being a twenty-something.”

“I think what makes this song so special is the different life experiences present in each of our verses. JORDY and I each talk about how growing up you lose the true sense of “home” in our own ways,” OSTON reveals, “It’s a feeling we can all relate to as we become more independent and move from our comfort zones. The lyrics detail our very specific and intimate life experiences, juxtaposed with a hook that brings a feeling of unity and togetherness.”

‘How To Feel Human’ is the third single off OSTON’s forthcoming sophmore EP Am I Talking Too Much? due out this summer.

Featured image: Lauren Nieves

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