As the world grinds to a halt under the grip of a global pandemic, everyone is wondering what the future will hold. The music industry, already notoriously difficult to get into, grows more and more out of reach, as music consumption drops off with each passing day of self-isolation. With such an unsure future, many are feeling the pressure – one of which is Chase Cimala.

A high school senior from a small town in Kentucky, Cimala is feeling the weight of a global pandemic on such a vital time in his life, the final moments of his high school career made seem minuscule rather than monumental in the shadow of the COVID-19 crisis. As he sets his sights on a career in music, the 19-year-old isn’t letting the pressure get to him. “I try to keep things in perspective that everyone is going through the same thing that I am”, Cimala says, “What makes my problems any worse than the next guys? If it’s meant to be, it will be. I just have to make good music”.

That positive outlook also finds itself into Cimala’s music, with his latest track ‘Cheers to my Teenage Years’ seeming even more timely with each passing day. The single, which dropped April 9th, is an Ed Sheeran-esque pop ballad celebrating the freedom and comfort of youth. “Growing up as a big fish in a small pond in little Somerset, Kentucky — I always wanted to get out to a bigger city”, Cimala says of the tracks inspiration, “As I approached my senior year, I began to realize how much I love this town, and all the people and places and the memories I’ve made. They’ve made me who I am”.

However, despite his assuredness, music wasn’t always the plan; “When I was younger, I always to be an athlete and fit in with the crowd I was a part of. In spite of that, my mom pushed me to develop my vocal talent knowing one day I’d thank her. It was my sophomore year of high-school after performing in my school musical that I began to appreciate what I had, and I decided then and there that is what music is what I wanted to do”.

Despite everything, nothing is going to slow Cimala down, who hopes to release lots of music this year; “I’m releasing 8 songs over the next year or so. Including an EP possibly, so stay tuned”.

Chase Cimala’s latest single, ‘Cheers to my Teenage Years’, is available on all streaming platforms.


  1. Awesome song at the perfect time for high school seniors. Reminds me of the classic songs that hit once a decade or so that regardless of our ages, take’s us back to that special time in our lives! John Cougar Mellencamp’s “Small Town”’and “Jack and Diane”, or Springsteen’s “Glory Days”! Who doesn’t like a song that reminds us all of those days gone by? One more on my play list!


  2. He may be a semi talented artist but his music is bland and unoriginal, his personality is even worse. During such dark times, he has remained silent on BLM and police brutality and has instead been seen posting about, how to get a woman to submit to a man. He’s just all around not the best person. I won’t be supporting him in his endeavors to become a mainstream musician.


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