CONCERT REVIEW: Little Mix’s LM5: The Tour

With almost a decade in the music industry under their belts, Little Mix have grown from a group of girls thrown together under a spotlight into seasoned performers who know what they want to do with their careers, and that growth is on display as their sixth headlining show unfolds. LM5: The Tour, is in support of their latest LP, LM5, an album full of bold messages of empowerment, and that sentiment is laced into the show with indisputable brilliance.

From the moment the lights went out, the group were on a mission. Not only to deliver a performance worthy of their reputation, but to drive home a message. Little Mix have always sprinkled empowerment into their music, from the light-hearted, uplifting debut single ‘Wings’ to the revved-up self assurance of ‘Power’, they have always been about lifting women up. That message is unrelentingly front and centre throughout the one and half hour performance. As they descend from the ceiling after a quick introduction of ‘The National Manthem’, the quartet move from anthem to anthem, from their opening performance of ‘Salute’ backed by visuals of themselves in army paraphernalia, into a show stopping performance of LM5 highlight and fan favourite ‘Wasabi’ and on.

Besides the message, the production and precision of their performance is empowering enough, nevermind the awe-inspiring number of legitimate hits they make their way through, before finally coming up for air, to slow things down in the middle. The girls soar above the crowd as they take a moment to simply sing. From the coziness of ‘Told You So’, to the gorgeous ‘Secret Love Song’, the group never let that message of self love and feminism slip from their grasp even in this intimate of a moment.

The set list is long, but despite squeezing in 20 tracks, never feels rushed or sluggish. They fire through songs before taking a moment to talk and interact with the audience; never allowing themselves to lose the crowd’s indescribable energy. It’s their from the moment they hit the stage to the moment they leave it. Maybe it’s their sheer fame, their onslaught of hits, but the crowd is with the group every second of every song. Whatever it is, the sheer magic of watching four women, who despite all, have lasted almost 10 years, stand on a stage singing such important messages with such power is worth the price of admission alone.

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