LISTEN: OSTON is sick of everyone on new track ‘I Think You Should Leave’

Upcoming pop singer-songwriter OSTON has dropped her second single of the year, ‘I Think You Should Leave.’ The follow up single to her breakout hit ‘Lie About You;, ‘I Think You Should Leave’ is a lighthearted, quirky, self-proclaimed “angry anthem” on top of a fresh, bubbly production by Drew Polovick of Friday Pilots Club.

Gearing up for her second single of the year, OSTON elaborates on the inspiration behind ‘I Think You Should Leave’: “You know that one person that shows up to the party and starts talking about themself, making everyone feel bad, and ultimately having everyone wish they’d just stayed at home? Yeah, this song is about that person.”

The song came out of a day at the studio with long-time collaborator Drew Polovick, executive producer of OSTON’s highly anticipated sophomore EP Am I Talking Too Much?. They spent the day laughing at the types of people who think the world revolves around them, and how great it would feel to let them know it doesn’t.

She continues, “This could also be the guy at the bar who decides that since he hits on you, you should be so lucky enough to follow him home and spend the night however he’d like you to. The moral of the story for this guy is – and always will be – sorry dude, just don’t be a dick.”

OSTON kicked off 2021 with major momentum thanks to the TikTok community, after her then-demo “Lie About You” experienced a viral moment, with over 710,000 views, 135,000 likes, and thousands of comments begging to release the song. The song accumulated over one million global streams in its first month across streaming platforms.

Since she began writing for the project in 2018, OSTON has collaborated with many acclaimed writers and producers, including, Justin Gammella (FINNEAS, Chelsea Cutler), Juan Ariza (Dua Lipa, Julia Michaels), Pete Nappi (Meghan Trainor, Troye Sivan), Jonny Shor (UPSAHL), Marisa Maino (Tramp Stamps), Ryan Raines (Peach Tree Rascals), Charlotte Sands, and JORDY. She has received support from radio executives Jeff McClusky (JMA) and Phil Guerini (Radio Disney), with three singles charting at #1 on Radio Disney.

‘I Think You Should You Leave’ is available on all streaming platforms now.

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