LISTEN: Glass House Point drop first EP Verglas in four years

Alternative rock band Glass House Point have released their new EP Verglas. Their first EP in four years, Verglas is a stunning collection of introspective tracks rooted in indie influences, yet provides a fresh take on their sound. The tracks were inspired by lead vocalist Dylan Graham’s own personal experiences with self-reflection and isolation while living on the road, and those contemplative influences ring heavy in the EP’s production.

About the EP, the band states: “Verglas explores fragility and impermanence through an introspective lens. Each song wrestles with some type of internal conflict — leaving the past behind, wanting more, killing your ego and becoming something new.”

Motivated by introspection, surrealism, and ephemerality, Glass House Point couples alt-rock roots with genre-bending production textures to create a sound that is authentically their own.

The band is composed of long-time collaborators Dylan Graham (Vocals, Guitar), Ian Campbell (Bass, Synth), Dylan Methot (Guitar), and Jansen Valk (Drums). The group has worked relentlessly since 2013, cutting their teeth in the Florida music scene and earning a reputation for their high energy live shows. The band’s accomplishments include extensive US touring and the upcoming release of their third EP, Verglas —  produced by Aaron Marsh (of Copeland).

Glass House Point’s Verglas is available now.

Featured Image: Instagram (@glasshousepoint)

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