TRACK REVIEW: ‘Harshest Critic’ – Allison Ponthier

There is sometimes a question of the importance of singer’s writing their own music. Sure there are examples of artists being incredible even when they aren’t the strongest writer. However, when an artist emerges as an amazing songwriter, it is immediately obvious just how valuable that can be to a song’s final product. When Allison Ponthier debuted her wonderful track ‘Cowboy’ in March, she became the latest example of this. On her latest single ‘Harshest Critic,’ she continues this.

‘Harshest Critic’ deals with the fear of being accepted for who you are and what you have to say and how this can warp our own view of ourselves. Like on ‘Cowboy’, Ponthier manages to deal with personal on a universal level on ‘Harshest Critic’. It feels almost uncomfortably intimate, yet deeply relatable on every level: “I wish I had a way to peek inside their minds / But it wouldn’t fix the problems I see through mine / It’s just how I’m wired.”

However, its is not just Ponthier’s prowess as a songwriter that sets her apart. Instead, her talent for lyricism only underscores her talent as a musician. The vulnerability of the lyrics is enhanced by the simplicity of Ponthier’s vocals and instrumentation. The track meanders along with gorgeous acoustics and vocals, that leaves all of the track’s emotions stripped bare and exposed, its starkness only adding to the emotional weight.

‘Harshest Critic’ is the second single from Allison Ponthier, following ‘Cowboy.’ Both tracks are set to appear on Ponthier’s forthcoming debut EP. Ponthier also features on Lord Huron’s ‘I Lied‘, cut from their forthcoming record, Long Lost.

Featured Image: Instagram (@allisonponthier)

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